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I am back and I survived my first AA con. I improvised a lot of things but the internet really prepared me, I kept being in denial until a week before that’s why I did not have more things printed to sell. u 3 u

Here are a lot of the commissions I got to make for people I couldnt take pictures of all of them, as you can see mostly SNK. And I got to draw so much Marco and Jean haha they are such a popular pairing!

I felt so safe and I meet people who were far too kind with me ;_; I got beautiful prints from other artists as well!! Ah!! too gorgeous. I was so ashamed of taking their stuff when I had so little. I felt really like I was in a comfortable place, I started memorizing faces of people who came to my table quite often pulling their friends to show them their stuff, saying hi every time they had a chance, asking for commissions more than once by chances. I am very tired now haha I understand how people come back drained from cons, I hardly could stand up from my table even for restroom breaks. I had issues with commissions, I am sorry if I had to cancel yours  u 3  u  but if I did yours and you have a picture of it that’s not in this post please share with me.
I am so excited to pick a new con and get tons of work done for the next adventure.

My lesson from this con:
the anime’s real title is Shingeki no Jean.

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