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I wanted to work on the desert elves world since a year ago when I joined Pixiv Fantasia last year, but I was about to graduate college and I had a lot of work to do so I just applied for it and didnt interact beyond my application picture for Tiberia. 8’D But with this group I got the chance to incorporate these concepts into the world mini created and I gave them a use once more.

This is a design for my main adventurer in Sortilegio Story (a RP group minow, muse and I started, based on a story Mini has been working on) Medina is also an elf from the same tribe as Tiberia. I gave up on polishing this I know I’ll be too lazy to actually draw all that when I rp OTL.

(I drew this. Please don’t delete my source or repost. This is my original content)

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