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I am one of the people you dont want to rp with… click on the pic to see the post on tegakie, I couldnt make the whole song OTL It was just too much for my little brain.

Oh yeah, my new oc Fitzwilliam Cooper, student and president of the mortal kiss society: mystery, true crime and forensics club.  A pro weirdo and stalker… 8’D I cant have normal characters apparently.

yep, I’m back to tegakie…

the dancing sequence was much funnier in my head I swear… those corpses and anatomy dolls dancing along..

Posted on Monday, 7th of November 2011 // 42 notes
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  1. poiv said: Beautiful sob..
  2. dorianland said: Omglovelove I’m glad you’re back on I miss your art leftright&center. ;;; AA ;;;; Also he’s cuteomgg grabbhands. \ * ^ * /
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