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princelyprince asked : Hey! I just wanted to tell you how much in love I am with your Pastel Vampire you drew from the photoset you posted up 2 weeks ago of your pchat doodles. Will you ever be drawing the pastel vampire again?

Thank you!image It is very likely that I will because its an OC of mine, they all are!

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Hey guys, Koo made a new art blog and she wishes to get some support C: go check out her art she is a great painter. 

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LOG 81714. OC Ren drawn in pchat… been working so much on prints and other stuff that I’ve been just doodling these things in my free time… I really enjoy drawing him because lately I am so into the style of fashion he wears, so he is like my little paper boy doll.


i need to save up to get my stuff printed for this con coming up, so im taking a couple commissions to help pay for it alllll. [also there is a braves baseball game i want to go to this week and its expensive]

single char [fb] x x x 50$ single color bg
single char [bust/waist] x x x 30-40$ single color bg
chibi x x x 20$

if you see some style in my gallery you like, just ask me about it and we can talk pricing.
ok = oc and fanart, r18
not ok = irl ppl, mech
ill let you know if im not comfortable with drawing your description.
if you’re interested, shoot me an email: chasingfoxes@live.com

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I like pretending I can draw manga sometimes. A lil piece of junk from pchat, Ren is not having a good night. Another compilation of doodles I made in pchat, lately I draw a lot of Ren because I’m trying to get used to his personality and face…. he is supposed to have a strong jaw, thick eyebrows and piercing gray eyes with maybeline mascara quality eyelashes… lol of course Im all over the place. cough.

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Edit: Extending pre-order period for my zine (giveaway end date is the same)-


Haikyuu! Fanzine by Billies up for Pre-order
@ http://gdg.storenvy.com

4.75 x 4.75 inches
24 pages
Rated PG-13

Preorder ends August 11th, 12 AM EST. Preorders will be sent out after August 11th.
(Depending on at-con sales I will sell leftovers online but I am going through a moving period August 15-22nd or so I will not be able to mail out anything in that week)

Pre-order bonuses:
-First 5 preorders get a free Haikyuu!! sketch from me
-First 50 preorders get a free postcard (the last picture in the photoset)
-All pre-orders will be signed

I’ll pick one person from all the people who reblogged this at random to get a free zine! Giveaway ends August 4th, 12 AM EST. If you already ordered it by the time giveaway is over I will refund you what you paid ^^

Otakon pick-up is available. My table is V-02. If you’re picking up please leave me a note on your order or email me (hyunmi8@yahoo.com) If you preorder and pick up at Otakon I will refund you the shipping price.

-Also wanted to add that I will be selling this not only at Otakon but at Yaoicon as well
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New products on my shop! This time, I’m selling these super cute acrylic keychains of the Free! babies in their sailor uniforms. Click here to get them individually, or here to get them as a set. 

Ships everywhere. 

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I dont think I spoke about this chara before. Its been a while since I posted OC content.

This is a dump of drawings I made of Renaud, 19 years old graphic designer. likes of outrun electro, nu disco, hypnagogic pop, vaporwave and retro-futurism music. old movies specially 80’s cheese, splatter and slasher cinema. Pastel/pale things. Has a female Siamese cat named Sucre. From a story I am planing to make into a oneshot BL comic.

Lol he really is tumblr famous, Runs a pastel blog where he uploads sensual pics of himself.. you know.. the type…

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I always wanted to try redrawing a screen capture meme thing. When I saw this picture of Chibi Usa I knew this was the one picture I wanted to try this on first. I love pink hair, I might make this a poster for Saboten.

Yowamushi Pedal Ink and Marker drawings from my twitter account.

"Poor people stay poor because they do arts degrees."

Sophomore Engineering Student (via shitrichcollegekidssay)

Poor people stay poor because other artists have allowed the industry to degrade to a level that people drastically undervalue art. In graphic arts, an independent artist typically makes below minimum wage. So many people take advantage of starting out and struggling artists, that they offer “exposure” as compensation. Or a hideously low rate. I have had people offer to pay me just $5/page for color work. And they saw nothing wrong with this offer. This is for something that I typically spend 4-6 hours per page on. And there are artists out there so desperate for ANY money, they will accept those offers. And thus perpetuate the idea that this is okay.

No, poor people aren’t poor because they take art degrees. They’re poor because there are entitled assholes who take advantage of them so they can turn a bigger profit.

Art is everywhere. Try to imagine a world without it. Without graphics. Without font design. Without logos. Everything done in the same, bland typefaces, with no images and no sense of color. Artists are more than people who sit and make pretty pictures. They are what gives companies an image, an identity. So why are they treated like the lowest possible rank?

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jazariz asked : thanks for showing up to acen love your art

Thank you! It was a pleasure to visit Chicago, everything is so pretty up there sob.

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The left over pin buttons and posters from ACEN are now available in my storenvy as some of you requested. The Yowapeda Victory rosettes are almost gone though (only 6 left), if you want to get yours, time is now 8’DHQ!! Kagehina New Wave Spiker is now available online.

The left over pin buttons and posters from ACEN are now available in my storenvy as some of you requested. The Yowapeda Victory rosettes are almost gone though (only 6 left), if you want to get yours, time is now 8’D

HQ!! Kagehina New Wave Spiker is now available online.

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A piece I made to go in a tiny funerary metal charm, featuring Kaworu Nagisa. R.I.P.

A piece I made to go in a tiny funerary metal charm, featuring Kaworu Nagisa. R.I.P.

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kozumeneko asked : I was wondering if I could cosplay the design you posted recently of Shouyou with Tobio with the description "Who know what these two were thinking when they decided to dress that day" ?

Ah of course! after all the characters are not mine but HQ!!’s creator. hahaha that would be cute to see n q n good luck with the scandalous shorts (if you buy them somewhere online tell me where cause I want some)

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