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thetenthsminion asked : I know it's a dumb question, but what is the link to your site

Ah, right now I dont really have a website website, I only have this tumblr and twitter where I update the most. 
TUMBLR: http://pepperonccini.tumblr.com/

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I’m reopening my custom tactician commission for a little bit!

Custom Tactican Print Commission!! (how wordy)

If you wanted a custom FEA tactician based on my fea print.

This is $25 per tactician. +$5 for domestic shipping. +7 for canada and +9 for everywhere else. I ship out in a stiff envelope and because of that they always charge me double the regular fee for outside US, sorry for the inconvenience. But it’s prevent the print from bending.

It’ll be 8.5x11 or letter size print of your tactician chilling with their idiot friends.

  • You will need to provide me with a reference of your tactician (face, hair, and expression you want me to draw them in).
  • Choose a greeting or two from anyone in the barracks (try to avoid evening or late evening mainly because the image has the sun up still, but if you still want evening quotes, i’ll use it).
  • And any small requests are free (ex. “move one of henry’s crow near my MU.” NOT “move henry next to me instead of Lissa”). If it’s too difficult I may charge more or not do it at all, but feel free to ask.

I will need payment before I start drawing. So this will be first come first served. Please email me at ylee213 (at) gmail with the above information.



I’m also doing a grabbag style of my old letter size and smaller prints and stickers. If you were interested it’s 10 dollars (additional shipping depends on where you live, but it’ll be free shipping for those commissioning me since they already paid shipping for the commission) and it will include at least three random letter size prints from me. ex: x x x x x x x  Thanks for reading!

Another quite small watercolor paint I made a while ago. +Some of the process shots I took while working on it. Made some postcards of it, maybe I’ll put them in the store this week…

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Come visit Billies and me at Yaoi con at table 47! C: having a blast meeting new people and eating huge portions of food at the end of the day. Phew

sorry for the crappy pictures, my tablet sucks at this.
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lung-darts asked : PLEASE, I must know: In your most recent art post, what show/comic/whatever is it for?

Ah! You mean this and these posts?
My recent art posts are original characters (then there is Haikyuu!! and Yowamushi pedal) that I am working for a short BL story probably a one shot depending if my friends join the project…
It is still an idea in development but I was looking to make a chara in a world that was as colorful and translated my favorite music and movies into drawings. It is kind of self indulging lol because I passed all my 80’s nostalgia into the main characters even though they weren’t born in that decade…. ah… anyway…! Im sorry to disappoint you ;; it is a thing that still lives in my brain. 

EDIT: I actually made a music/account for the project if anyone is curious to what music inspires me and what these drawings are supposed to sound like lol… coughitoldyouselfindulgentcough

Sometimes I think my comic is cool because of the music they all listen to, but then I remember I’m a nerd. I’ve been trying to make them wear some of my favorite bands, but I have been so busy with cons all I can do is doodle some of these and compile them into a useless post. So many band names missing…

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Thank you for stopping by, buying and supporting with your kind words!

Saboten has the nicest people ;w; every year I feel so energized to try my best there. 
I had another busy con, hardly had time to stand up to walk around because I had to work constantly in commissions.  Here are a few of the ones I made during the event. @__@ I really wish I could have drawn even more though. I wanted to make a comparison post to my first time con table (last year’s Saboten) and this year’s.  AAAAH I got pretty cool trades and met wonderful people I want to support just as much, see you next year everyone!

NOW! SEE YOU ALL IN YAOI CON 2014!! Next weee-eeeeeeeeckkkkkk

Hopefully if they get here on time I will be restocking the revised SOHOKU rosettes for this con.

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SEE YOU THERE! this weekend
image(Also there is only 3 pin buttons left of the Sohoku Rosettes for all of you into YWPD make it there early if you want one) /runs

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fruitleaf asked : hello, can i still order a honey & clover pin? *_*

Hi! You can still find them on my storenvy right here C:

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A drawing I made as a guest for a HQ partners artbook. I will be selling some mini prints of it at the Artist Alley in Saboten con and Yaoi Con. See you guys there C:

A drawing I made as a guest for a HQ partners artbook. I will be selling some mini prints of it at the Artist Alley in Saboten con and Yaoi Con. See you guys there C:

c0smicfawn asked : Hello, I really love your art and was wondering what kind of ink pens you use ?? Thanks !!

Hi! Thank you!!

I use multiliners sakura pigma micron and staedler usually.
Most of the time I am comfortable working with .03 and .05 and .005 for finer detail. I fill out big areas of black with india ink and a brush or sharpies. 


I hope that helps C: I’ve been asked this multiple times and I have responded in private asks maybe this will be more helpful.

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princelyprince asked : Hey! I just wanted to tell you how much in love I am with your Pastel Vampire you drew from the photoset you posted up 2 weeks ago of your pchat doodles. Will you ever be drawing the pastel vampire again?

Thank you!image It is very likely that I will because its an OC of mine, they all are!

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Hey guys, Koo made a new art blog and she wishes to get some support C: go check out her art she is a great painter. 

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LOG 81714. OC Ren drawn in pchat… been working so much on prints and other stuff that I’ve been just doodling these things in my free time… I really enjoy drawing him because lately I am so into the style of fashion he wears, so he is like my little paper boy doll.


i need to save up to get my stuff printed for this con coming up, so im taking a couple commissions to help pay for it alllll. [also there is a braves baseball game i want to go to this week and its expensive]

single char [fb] x x x 50$ single color bg
single char [bust/waist] x x x 30-40$ single color bg
chibi x x x 20$

if you see some style in my gallery you like, just ask me about it and we can talk pricing.
ok = oc and fanart, r18
not ok = irl ppl, mech
ill let you know if im not comfortable with drawing your description.
if you’re interested, shoot me an email: chasingfoxes@live.com

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